Do not neglect your gift, which was given you.
1 Timothy 4:14


God has gifted each student with unique abilities and interests. Ovilla Christian School strives to provide every student with opportunities to explore and develop these gifts. OCS’s fine arts program provides a creative outlet to all of their students.

Ovilla Christian School’s performing arts department includes music classes, theater, yearbook, and art. In the elementary program, students are taught the basic elements of art and music on a weekly basis. In the secondary program students have the opportunity to participate in their choice of art, theater, yearbook, and choir with honors courses available in most areas. The experience gained will afford many the opportunity for scholarships in college. The program gives each student the opportunity to shine in the arts by using his/her individual talents to produce artwork of excellence.

With such variety available, OCS is able to produce well-rounded individuals who can embrace new opportunities in every area of life.