The Ovilla Christian School Elementary School (K4 – 5th grade) boasts an excellent faculty, several holding Masters degrees in their teaching fields or in elementary education. All of our faculty members maintain teaching certification from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and many hold state issued lifetime teaching certificates. Several of the lower elementary teachers have been trained in the Academic Language Therapy approach. All faculty members are born-again Christians from a variety of church backgrounds with a genuine faith in Jesus Christ in common. They have demonstrated their calling and equipping for Christian education in the following three areas: having demonstrated the foundation of genuine faith in Christ, having been called to the ministry of Christian Education, and holding the necessary educational credentials to support that call.


The elementary curriculum is made up of the traditional basic courses taught from a distinctively Christian perspective to lay a foundation for the strong academic curriculum in the secondary school. The courses are reading (taught using a strong phonetic method with emphasis on reading comprehension and vocabulary), spelling, grammar, literature, composition, handwriting, math, social studies, science, and Bible. Elementary students also have daily classes in PE and weekly classes in Spanish, art, music, and technology. Eagle Chorus (membership through audition) is an extracurricular choir for students in grades 4-5.

Ovilla Christian School places a strong emphasis on character development. Students in elementary school learn a new character quality each month. They learn the definition of the character quality, a Bible verse that highlights the quality and then learn to apply that quality in their lives. The character of the child determines what kind of student he will be and what kind of behavior he will have. The heart of the character curriculum is that it is more than a subject that is taught; it is a lifestyle that is caught.

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