Community Service

All secondary students will be required to complete community service hours for graduation. Students will be required to serve the following number of hours for each year while at OCS. If the hours are not completed during that year, the unserved hours will carry over as an additional requirement the following year:

7th – 10 hours           8th –  15 hours           9th – 20 hours           10th – 25 hours           11th – 30 hour           12th – 35 hours

Students may serve their hours during the preceding summer.

Students must serve their non-OCS hours at an approved non-profit organization or doing non-paid volunteer work (not for a relative or family member).

Jr. Beta Club students in 6th grade have a 10 hour club requirement.  7th – 12th grade Beta Club members are expected to serve an additional five hours above the COS requirement for their grade level.



  • North Ellis County Outreach, Red Oak, Texas; Contact Barbara Johnson @ 972-617-7261 ext. 3 or at (Volunteer Application Required)
  • Soaring Eagles Center, DeSoto, Texas; Contact Myrle Westlund @ 214-244-9504 or (Volunteer Application Required)
  • First Look Boutique, Waxahachie, Texas; Contact Brenda Stallcop @ 972-923-0118 or (Volunteer Application Required)
  • Dallas Zoo & Aquarium, Dallas Texas; Contact Courtney Crawford @ 469-554-7332 or (Volunteer Application Required)
  • Waxahachie Cares, Waxahachie, Texas; Contact Teresa Hale @ 972-923-2273 (Volunteer Application Required)
  • OCS Adopt a Highway, Ovilla, Texas; Contact Donna Garrett @ 972-617-1177 ext. 327 or
  • Presbyterian Children’s Home & Service, Waxahachie, Texas; Contact Cyndi Fuller @ 972-923-4479 or (Volunteer Application Required)
  • Dallas Life Foundation, Dallas, Texas; Contact Anna Brantley (Volunteer Application Required)